Why Choose Fascia and Soffit

roofing guttersIn this article, you will know what soffit and fascia and why they’re important, and to know what type of it to use to get to maximize all the benefits associated with them.

As mentioned, the primary materials of soffit and fascia are wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Wood soffit and fascia don’t make sense in the Midwest because it’s sensitive to rotting and warping when exposed to moisture.

Aluminum Fascia and Soffit Absorb Heat

roofing company near meAluminum fascia and soffit absorb heat and will make your roof and attic very hot which will reduce your home’s overall energy productivity because you’ll have to depend more on your AC system.

Fascia and soffit are the clear winners. Vinyl is immune to cracking, warping and rotting, so it’s virtually maintenance free. All left to do is clean it once in a while.

Plus, you have more choices with vinyl and can even select wood grain finishes if you want the attraction of wood without the negatives.

Vinyl is the most efficient option as well because it’ll keep insects, rodents, snow, and rain out of your house better than aluminum or wood.