What is a Roof shingles

roofingA roof shingles consist of a series of many different overlapping parts, that when put together in courses or rows beginning at the bottom edge of a roof structure a barrier intended to repel ice, snow, and water.

Roof shingles are placed in such a way that each seam or joint is overlaid by a shingle further up the roof.

As water drips down the roof exterior, it flows in each shingle until it reaches the part where it drips off the edge into the gutters sometimes it falls directly to the ground.

The Function of Roof Shingles

roofing guttersRoof shingles create an insulated wall to protect the integrity of the entire structure of your home.

If water leaks under your shingles, you’ll eventually have rotted wood, interior ceiling leaks, mold, etc.

In addition to rainwater protection shingles serve many other aesthetic and functional purposes.